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Why is communication with your fieldworkers important and how it aids in better management of your field service business?

Field service industries who have a large team often lose track of their activities as there are piles of jobs they need to complete within the limited amount of time and resources. Customer satisfaction in any field business is the ultimate goal regardless of the fact that what efforts are you putting in to make your customers happy.

Managing a large team without effective communication is very difficult from the back office. Being a back office manager, you need to keep in touch with your fieldforce so that they can share the problems they face at the job’s site and you can guide them through.

Equally important is the proper assignment of equipment to the fieldworkers and their reporting back as to where they have used those equipment. Improper reporting of the used equipment will lead to further chaotic situations where the same equipment may be assigned twice.

Effective communication helps in proper allocation of equipment, and know which equipment is used and where.

When equipment(s) are properly tracked the audits of these equipment are also easy for the fieldworkers. In case of auditing large numbers of equipment the bar code scanners available in EyeOnTask’s mobile app helps the fieldworkers to send the physical status and location of the equipment to the back office manager, it's as simple as that.


Strong and clear communication between the fieldworkers, customers and the back office managers via live chats helps in many ways to run a successful field business.

  • Reduce unnecessary business expenses.
  • Identify customer problems quickly.
  • Fast resolution of the issues.
  • Improves service quality and customer satisfaction.

Giving your fieldworkers an app which is easy to operate and similar to the messenger apps they are used to like whatsapp makes it comfortable for them to use it.

Multi language support or better say local language support gives them the confidence to use the app and discuss the issues in their local language with their fellow workers and the back office managers.

Above all if a fieldworker has an app which supports all the useful features in the field service industry like messaging, calling, document sharing, photo capturing , e-signature etc the communication becomes really efficient.

All in one communication makes it easy for the fieldworkers and managers to keep the records of all documents and chat history related to a work.

Your fieldworkers feel connected and motivated when they are in close communication with the field manager. Every diverse team member comes on to a single platform when an effective communication is done.

Your fieldworkers stay informed and engaged about the work they need to perform at the customer's place with strong communication.

When the work is done to customer’s satisfaction they will surely be taking services again and again and thus contributing to the overall success of the field business.

Higher productivity in business is guaranteed when the field members are heard and understood and given importance.