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Field Service Management Reports: A smart way to monitor your business progress with EyeOnTask
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With EyeOnTask Reporting Software for Field Service Management, you can keep your finger on the pulse of your business. EyeOnTask’s built-in and custom reports both provide advanced filtering options and can be exported to Excel for additional study. Its intuitive dashboards that can be customized give rapid access to important data in order to get insightful reports.

What is the definition of a field service report?
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A field service report is a document that is generated after completing a service assignment, inspection, or site visit. The report gives a summary and outcomes of each service job to dispatchers and field workers.

This report includes customer information, equipment specs, and an inspection summary, to name a few things. Field service reporting's goal is to give detailed information about each work order as well as insight into the field team's performance.

1. Tracking every single activity: EyeOnTask’s field service management software lets you track minute details starting from fieldworkers to the inventory management report. This application offers a single platform to monitor everything.

2. Instant reporting: This reporting software facilitates its users to download and print reports instantly. With EyeOnTask, businesses can eliminate manual reporting by using automatic report-generating software. It enables users to make a report of any section with just one click.

3. Controlling operational performance: Your field-staff manager utilizes EyeOnTask's field service management software’s reports to monitor the performance of the field workers, certain product lines and services, or any other factor that could help improve operational efficiency. Using EyeOnTask, a business can easily generate a variety of field service reports and can customize them depending on the requirements.

4. Reports on Individual Line Items: Comprehensive reports to help you in analyzing critical indicators like performance, service efficiency, and other key factors to evaluate specific clients and field workers based on the stored data.

5. Get an Insightful flow of data: Work with EyeOnTask's field service management software gives accurate data to your analytic team to generate bespoke reports in your chosen format, complete with configurable parameters and further analysis. You'll have more control over individual performance measures than you've ever had before and plan for the future.

Let us have an insight into EyeOnTask’s report and its offerings:
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1. Fieldworker: EyeOnTask offers a platform for generating informative reports for field workers. The software made it easy for business organizations to develop fieldworkers’ Check-In/Check-Out Reports, Time Spent On Jobs, Travel Report On Jobs, Travel reports based on GPS, Leave Reports, etc. EyeOnTask software has the capability to trace minute things related to the fieldworker without any errors.

2. Inventory: Generating a flawless manual inventory report is next to impossible and when it comes to big organizations it becomes even more difficult to keep an exact count of the items. In order to solve such queries, EyeOnTask’s intuitive report management tool comes with solid inventory management by offering seamless Inventory Item Detail Report, Inventory Item Report to avoid any shortcomings in near future.

3. Invoice: While running a business invoices act as records for your business. The purpose of an invoice is to stay organized and knowledgeable about what customers owe you. And, you know when payments are overdue. A silly mistake can create a huge blunder. To keep away from this EyeOnTask provides an impeccable platform for invoices.

4. Job Report: This amazing feature from EyeOnTask gives a clear report on each stage of job including dispatch, in progress, failed and completed job. Starting with Job Status, Job Status, Priority, and Project/Site, the business owners can choose specific dates to generate job reports.

5. Equipment: One of the crucial things that are often left unreported is equipment. How can they work efficiently when they don’t have transparency about their equipment? A customizable field service software like EyeOnTask’s equipment report tool provides a complete solution for equipment management including, Equipment List Report, Equipment Booking Detail Reports, Equipment Service Due Report, and more….

6. Purchase Order and Supplier Report: This is another important feature that makes EyeOnTask different from other field service management software. It gives all the information about Supplier Reports, Purchase Order Reports, and Purchase Order Item Reports on a single dashboard that is required foremost for any business.

7. Expenses Report: This gives a definite and precise report on the expenses on the listed dates. With the help of this, business organizations can manage their expenses and can develop some new methods to control the budget and unnecessary expenses.

Field service management's advantages-

To help field service businesses manage their resources, an effective field service management software syncs all data from remote teams to a centralized system including desktop and mobile devices.

Benefits of field service management include:

  • Increasing uptime: Identifying essential errors early in the service lifetime allows for always-on operations, high performance, and less downtime.
  • Improving first-time fix rates and reducing mean time to repair: Assign the correct technician to the work and give them the appropriate data at the appropriate time on a single platform.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction: This field reporting software helps to determine if field technicians are fulfilling customer expectations and respond quickly to any issues or delays. This improves customer satisfaction and customer repeat ratio.
  • 24/7 support available: Providing remote support and mobile capabilities to field service professionals will help them stay safe, be compliant, troubleshoot, and accomplish job duties effectively.
  • Controlling Expenses: Reduce field service expenses by utilizing data and insights to execute maintenance activities on time and most effectively and efficiently as possible.

If you are running a business and your organization demands such kind of reporting software contact us today. To know more about customization and pricing click here.

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