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Empower Your Lawn care & Landscape Business to its full potential with EyeOnTask Lawn care software

EyeOnTask Lawn care software helps Lawn care & Landscape companies to organize, transform and evolve by automating almost every manual task.
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Conduct Audits and Create Service Instant Proposals on the Field With Lawn Care Software

No more paperwork or spreadsheets are required. Conduct lawn care inspections and capture every detail efficiently.
Create 5X faster audits, and quicker inspections and build customized proposals with lawn care software.
Simplify the landscaping business by sharing instant inspection reports, and quotations and get quicker approval on quotations.
Reduce manual paper work by directly logging audit results.
After the audit is done, sharing instant proposals saves time and increases the chances of closing more sales.
Automated Job Scheduling
Easily assign and dispatch your field workers' lawn care business software in just one click.
No more whiteboards and diaries. Just simple, modern job scheduling.
See the fieldworkers/staff & schedule job in a single view. Simply drag and drop jobs onto the scheduled time and the fieldworker and you are done.
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EyeOnTask communication
Stay Connected with your field workers
Eliminate the risk of miscommunication with seamless lawn care software for effective communication with your field workers and back office.
Get fieldworkers’ real-time updates, route traveled, communication, and time tracking for every single scheduled task.
Field employees can update their job details using landscaping business software and help managers or head office stay up to date on each lawncare and landscape-related task that a customer has created.

Before and After Picture Notes

EyeOnTask’s feature-rich lawn care business software allows field workers to share before and after pictures of their completed work.
With Landscape management software users can record the entire work and share pictures before and after the work is completed. It helps businesses to improve efficiency and accountability.
By digitizing the entire process, it will result in better record maintenance, less disputes, receive faster payments and also improved client satisfaction.
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EyeOnTask job-scheduling

Safe, Secure and Easy Payment Process

EyeOnTask Lawn care software is built specifically for commercial and residential landscape and lawn care companies to track expenses, bill, create invoices, track your cash flow, and eliminate any workflow hassles.
Generate quick professional invoices, share them with clients and receive instant payments.
To ensure safe and secure payments lawn care software is integrated with trusted payment channels like PayPal and Stripe.

Seamless Integration with Accounting Software

Keep your accounting database up to date without having to press a single extra button. Get an automated data entry, reduce errors, and get real-time insights into your business’s financial performance.
Sync EyeOnTask with your accounting software QuickBooks, and Xero and save time and cost.
This integration automates numerous financial procedures, Sync transactions in real-time, Help in taxation and more.
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EyeOnTask customer-portal

Customer Portal for Personalized Branding

Put your logo and the app is yours! EyeOnTask helps Lawn care businesses create a mobile application that instantly sends invoices, estimates, and quotes under the name of their business using a dedicated customer portal.
Organizations can efficiently handle leads and contracts more quickly and easily.
Increase customer engagement by offering all the services, and prices, sharing invoices, receiving payments and eSign all in one app.
Use our tailored field service mobile app
Get your fieldforce equipped with powerful and feature packed Mobile apps from EyeOnTask. We have the data suggesting that fieldforce using our mobile apps to carry out the jobs in the field are seeing 70% increase in their day to day work efficiency. Everything required to do the job is available through mobile apps in the palm of your fieldworker. Try it now and download the apps for free from Google Play and App Store.
EyeOnTask mobileApp
Our Unmatchable Features
EyeOnTask's Field service software offers a wide range of features which will help you move from Papers to digital platform. Businesses using EyeOnTask can easily Automate their daily operations making business running a simpler process with a huge increase in customer satisfaction and in turn increased revenue.
Manage whole process in just 4 simple steps.
  • create Job lawncare-&-Landscape

    Create Job

  • lawncare-&-Landscape fieldworker

    Assign to fieldworker

  • lawncare-&-Landscape Service software invoice

    Raise invoice

  • lawncare-&-Landscape Service software feedback

    Get feedback

Lawncare and Landscape FAQs

Can I create repetitive jobs for my lawn care services with EyeOnTask?

Yes, creating recursive jobs is quite simple using the EyeOnTask web application. Since the lawn care service jobs need to be done after a definite period of time, you can schedule weekly, and monthly jobs for your customers using EyeOnTask

How can Lawn Care become easy with the use of EyeOnTask?

With EyeOnTask multiple services like gardening, mowing, weeding, landscaping, managing greenhouse, nursery, and string trimming can be easily added to single or multiple jobs.
Using EyeOnTask one can manage equipment used for lawn care and audit them from time to time.
Creating contracts with EyeOnTask is simple for the maintenance of Lawn Care for historic buildings, municipalities, schools, universities, and government buildings. Does EyeOnTask come with a free trial period?
EyeOnTask comes with a 15-day free trial. You can explore all the features of the product during the trial period.

Why should EyeOnTask be your best choice for your landscaping business?

The landscaping business includes multiple services like digging, moving material, front and backyard landscaping, soil enrichment and irrigation and these require heavy equipment.
With EyeOnTask one can manage multiple contracts, jobs, and equipment and keep track of the field persons who are doing the landscaping work.
Scheduling jobs, creating invoices, managing inventory, tracking job status, and Electronic signatures are a few important features which can be used for your business.

Can I view a jobs report for the landscaping job done in EyeOnTask?

Yes, EyeOnTask provides you with different reports based on the landscaping jobs done, fieldworkers involved in doing the landscape work, invoice-based reports, client-based reports and equipment-based reports.

How many languages does EyeOnTask provide support for?

EyeOnTask provides support for over 13 languages including English, Hindi, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, French, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Turkish, Italian and Korean.

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