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Manage your Internet & Cable TV business seamlessly with EyeOnTask field service management software. EyeOnTask provides cost-effective solutions for cable and internet businesses by simplifying inventory management, scheduling/dispatch, and invoice generation with a fully integrated and automated system.

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EyeOnTask invoicing_billing
Manage your finances with Automated Invoice & Billing
EyeOnTask made invoice and billing simple by customizing the invoice template. With EyeOnTask, you can easily generate documents such as export invoices, bills of supply, and more in just one click. Also, EyeOnTask's intuitive invoice and billing tool allows users to set recurring invoices for repeating jobs on pre-scheduled dates.
Monitor your Equipment Seamlessly
EyeOnTask's cutting-edge field service management software is best for managing equipment like Coax cable, MoCA devices, DSL modem, router, ethernet cable, antenna, and signal amplifier etc. The software enables internet and cable TV businesses to monitor equipment usage and can access real-time data from both the field and the office.
EyeOnTask equipment_management
EyeOnTask Communication
Real-time Communication with Field Employees
EyeOnTask makes communication with your field service workers go from messy to easy! Its robust communication tools allow hassle-free communication between the back office and on-field technicians. You can quickly call, send messages, share attachments, and view a live location with EyeOnTask's user-friendly communication system.
Optimize your Field Operations with Live Tracking
Optimize your Field Operations with Live Tracking: You can keep an eye on broadband and cable TV field operations, employees, and assets from one dashboard. Real-time tracking enables internet and cable TV companies to monitor employees' real-time locations and reduce the time wasted in manual tracking.
EyeOnTask real_Time_Tracking
EyeOnTask Reporting
Get Intelligent Insights Fully Customized Reporting
EyeOnTask helps internet and cable TV service providers scrutinize the entire operation by increasing profitability, performance, & productivity through a seamless reporting feature. This feature provides comprehensive information on field employees’ check-in and check-out times, time spent on a job, GPS-based travel reports, leaves, invoicing, payment, expense, equipment, and all other relevant reports on a single dashboard.
Job Time Tracking
This feature is designed to track the actual working hours of a field worker. The field employees enter the exact starting and completion times of a job into the job time tracker. The billable hours of the field staff are calculated based on this entered time.
EyeOnTask Job_Time_Tracker
Digitize and store all contracts into a Central Repository
EyeOnTask’s intuitive contract management feature faciles all contract management obstacles. It facilitates Internet & Cable Service providers to have all contracts in one place and get automatically notified about key dates and tasks, subscription end dates, maintenance schedules, work orders, and invoices and uncover all insights about your contracts.
Use our tailored field service mobile app
Get your fieldforce equipped with powerful and feature packed Mobile apps from EyeOnTask. We have the data suggesting that fieldforce using our mobile apps to carry out the jobs in the field are seeing 70% increase in their day to day work efficiency. Everything required to do the job is available through mobile apps in the palm of your fieldworker. Try it now and download the apps for free from Google Play and App Store.
EyeOnTask mobile_app
Our Unmatchable Features
EyeOnTask's Field service software offers a wide range of features which will help you move from Papers to digital platform. Businesses using EyeOnTask can easily Automate their daily operations making business running a simpler process with a huge increase in customer satisfaction and in turn increased revenue.
Internet and Cable TV FAQs

EyeOnTask's Inrenet and Cable TV software Comes packed with many powerful features so that users can streamline their processes and move towards a digital platform.
It includes generating work orders, dispatching them to fieldworkers, invoicing and billing, generating quotations/estimations, proper inventory management, electronic signature and annual maintenance records.
Internet and Cable TV software helps businesses to maximize their productivity and increase their profits.

EyeOnTask's Internet and Cable TV software provides services such as job dispatching, job tracking, inventory management, custom forms, generating electronic signatures, invoicing, billing, generating quotations, estimations, job scheduling and annual maintenance records.
Using EyeOnTask's Internet and Cable TV software you can minimize your paperwork and switch to a digital platform.

Yes one can generate invoice from the fieldworker's app. You can go select the desired job and after completing the job fieldworker can generate an invoice from the field itself.

Both your back office and field service technician can generate quotations and send them to the prospective client.
Quotations can be raised under your own branding, using your inventory items and field labours.
Your fieldworkers can use mobile app to create Quotation or provide estimation for a future work order on the go.

Yes, EyeOnTask's Admin interface for Internet and Cable TV software allows you to create recurring jobs.
You can setup jobs as per your requirements and those jobs will be created upfront.
Those jobs will be accessible to your fieldworkers when required. EyeOnTask will also be sending reminders to your field force,Admin staff and customers.

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