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Internet and Cable TV FAQs

EyeOnTask's Inrenet and Cable TV software Comes packed with many powerful features so that users can streamline their processes and move towards a digital platform.
It includes generating work orders, dispatching them to fieldworkers, invoicing and billing, generating quotations/estimations, proper inventory management, electronic signature and annual maintenance records.
Internet and Cable TV software helps businesses to maximize their productivity and increase their profits.

EyeOnTask's Internet and Cable TV software provides services such as job dispatching, job tracking, inventory management, custom forms, generating electronic signatures, invoicing, billing, generating quotations, estimations, job scheduling and annual maintenance records.
Using EyeOnTask's Internet and Cable TV software you can minimize your paperwork and switch to a digital platform.

Yes one can generate invoice from the fieldworker's app. You can go select the desired job and after completing the job fieldworker can generate an invoice from the field itself.

Both your back office and field service technician can generate quotations and send them to the prospective client.
Quotations can be raised under your own branding, using your inventory items and field labours.
Your fieldworkers can use mobile app to create Quotation or provide estimation for a future work order on the go.

Yes, EyeOnTask's Admin interface for Internet and Cable TV software allows you to create recurring jobs.
You can setup jobs as per your requirements and those jobs will be created upfront.
Those jobs will be accessible to your fieldworkers when required. EyeOnTask will also be sending reminders to your field force,Admin staff and customers.

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