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EyeOnTask is the best field service management for your solar installation business. It is a hassle-free, paper-free, and error-free field service management software that simplifies your field operations. EyeOnTask assists solar enterprises in expanding by automating workflow and minimizing manual work. This feature-rich software helps to schedule technicians, and assign the job, enable field workers to quote, generate invoice and your entire solar service operations.

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EyeOnTask Scheduling
Job Scheduling
EyeOnTask makes solar installation field service management easy. With EyeOnTask, you can schedule new jobs and appointments, assign a task in real-time to your field employees, and automatically check employee availability through this intelligent software. EyeOnTask field service scheduling feature is specially built to fulfill the needs of the modern solar installation service industry by automating the scheduling process to eliminate errors and inefficiencies.
Job Time Tracker
By automating the time tracking process for field workers, EyeOnTask improves the capabilities of solar installation service providers. To provide accurate position monitoring, we've intreagted our time tracking tool with GPS. Additionally, the EyeOnTask task time tracker records all information related to solar panel mount installations, solar panel wiring, travelled locations, travelled time, and precise location in order to keep transperency among employees and employers.
EyeOnTask Job-Time-Tracker
EyeOnTask Contract-Management
Contract Management
EyeOnTask helps to manage solar panel installation contracts by automating planned maintenance schedules, work orders and keep a keen record of the number of hours worked. Effortless contract management increases your company's revenues as it offers precise follow-ups on contractual commitments made with your customers.
Equipment Management
EyeOnTask assists you in streamlining your solar panel equipment management operations and ensuring that vital resources are utilized effectively. You can use EyeOnTask to keep track of equipment installation dates, serial numbers, and warranty status.
EyeOnTask Equipment-management
EyeOnTask Electronic-Signature
Electronic Signature
eSign documents are likely to raise the pace of your contracts while also providing substantially enhanced security, regardless of where you are. EyeOnTask reduces multi-step paperwork tasks to a few simple clicks. Say goodbye to printers and scanners and welcome to a streamlined digital workflow that allows you to get your work done swiftly.
Customer Portal
This is a unique platform through which you represent your company to your end customers. Customers can access, update, and track their work status via the web and mobile devices with the customer portal. As a result, additional expenses for client support/query management are reduced because clients can now easily schedule, track, and monitor their requests.
EyeOnTask Customer-Portal
Use our tailored field service mobile app
Get your fieldforce equipped with powerful and feature packed Mobile apps from EyeOnTask. We have the data suggesting that fieldforce using our mobile apps to carry out the jobs in the field are seeing 70% increase in their day to day work efficiency. Everything required to do the job is available through mobile apps in the palm of your fieldworker. Try it now and download the apps for free from Google Play and App Store.
Our Unmatchable Features
EyeOnTask's Field service software offers a wide range of features which will help you move from Papers to digital platform. Businesses using EyeOnTask can easily Automate their daily operations making business running a simpler process with a huge increase in customer satisfaction and in turn increased revenue.
Solar Installation System FAQs

EyeOnTask's Solar Installation System software is for helping Solar Installation System companies move over to digital platforms and eliminate manual hurdles.
EyeOnTask's Solar Installation System software has various features such as Job Scheduling, Inventory management, annual maintenance, client call history, billing and invoicing, quotations/estimations, job time tracker, job dispatching and more which makes Solar Installation System business error-free.

EyeOnTask facilitates its user switch towards a digitally integrated network. It provides various valuable features such as seamless job dispatching, inventory management, invoicing and billing, estimations and quotations. With EyeOnTask’s feature-rich software Solar Installation System companies swiftly provides services to its residential, commmercial, industrial clients.

EyeOnTask's Solar Installation System software comes with mobile application for both iOS and Android users. This enables fieldworkers to always stay connected to the back office.

Yes, EyeOnTask’s Solar Installation System software provides support in various languages.
You can use EyeOnTask in 15 languages including, English (UK & US), Hindi, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, French, German, Hebrew, portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Turkish and Korean.

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