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Escalate your Fire Safety Business with EyeOnTask Fire Protection Software

EyeOnTask delivers a plethora of incredible features while saving you valuable time, money, and energy and making it a great fit for managing your Fire Protection and Fire Safety business. EyeOnTask Fire Protection Software facilitates users to manage all tasks, sites, and people within one platform by eliminating obstacles faced in all fire safety operations. It is a one-stop solution for security, alarm, and fire prevention system providers.
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Best Field Management Software for Fire Safety business
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EyeOnTask Communication

Hassle-free Equipment Management

EyeOnTask’s powerful equipment management feature allows you to record and trace each item of equipment.
Manage emergency lighting, extinguishers, and sprinkler systems using the centralized dashboard.
Monitor and handle fire alarms within the unified interface.
Use a unique barcode to fetch complete information on any equipment.
Oversee and control other advanced suppression systems from a single point of access.

Contract for Recurring Inspections

EyeOnTask fire safety software ensures its users do not worry about scheduling recurring fire safety inspections manually.
Set up automated scheduling for recurring inspections.
Send reminders for upcoming inspection jobs through automation.
Utilize notification services to inform clients about the approaching inspections.
EyeOnTask Equipment-Management

Reminders for all events

It simplifies fire safety businesses by using live notifications/alerts.
Real-time notifications for due or completed fire safety inspections.
Receive reminders for service due, contracts, inspection due date, invoices dues and more.
Get notifications for scheduled jobs and their details.

Job Card & Inspection report for Error-free Management

EyeOnTask's fire protection software empowers businesses to efficiently oversee their operations.
Make your Fire Safety business transparent with a digital written statement.
Share customized inspection reports to clients.
One job card to ensure all the fire safety inspection work is done.
Easily edit, delete, and update details in the job card and send it to the customers with just one click.
EyeOnTask Invoicing-Billing
EyeOnTask Recurring-job
Third-Party Integrations
EyeOnTask field protection software eliminates the hassle of juggling between different software.
Seamless integration with Xero & QuickBooks for enhanced accounting capabilities.
Integration of PayPal& Stripe for secure online payment transactions.
Utilize Zapier to connect EyeOnTask with various other apps and automate workflows.

Fire Safety Software with Live GPS Tracking

EyeOnTask’s fire protection software Live GPS tracking helps you keep track of fire safety teams when they are on the field.
Track locations, optimize routes, and see time spent at different job sites.
Effectively allocate resources, track all devices that are installed properly and on time, and upgrade accordingly.
Create geofencing to control the entry and exit of field employees.
EyeOnTask live-GPS-tracking
EyeOnTask mobile-app
Use our tailored field service mobile app
Get your fieldforce equipped with powerful and feature packed Mobile apps from EyeOnTask. We have the data suggesting that fieldforce using our mobile apps to carry out the jobs in the field are seeing 70% increase in their day to day work efficiency. Everything required to do the job is available through mobile apps in the palm of your fieldworker. Try it now and download the apps for free from Google Play and App Store.
Our Unmatchable Features
EyeOnTask's Field service software offers a wide range of features which will help you move from Papers to digital platform. Businesses using EyeOnTask can easily Automate their daily operations making business running a simpler process with a huge increase in customer satisfaction and in turn increased revenue.
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Fire Protection FAQs

Why is EyeOnTask the best fire safety software?

EyeOnTask's fire safety software understands business processes needs and operations better than any other.
By using fire protection you can easily eliminate manual work processes and streamline every part of the fire safety business.

What are the benefits of EyeOnTask Fire Protection Software?

With EyeOnTask's Fire Protection Software, you can improve your business, operation, and efficiency and on a whole increase your revenues.
EyeOnTask helps you to go paperless and save a lot of time and money by doing all your operations digitally.

Can I set up contract jobs for future / recurring jobs?

Yes, EyeOnTask's Admin interface for Fire Safety software allows you to create recurring jobs. You can set up the patterns as per your requirements and those jobs will be created upfront and become available to your field force at the time when it is needed. EyeOnTask will also be sending reminders to your field force, admin staff, and customers.

Can we record customer feedback on EyeOnTask?

Ofcourse, you have the capability to capture customer feedback directly in the field using the fieldworker mobile application. This contributes to enhancing services, ensuring optimal customer satisfaction, and ultimately boosting the business's profitability.

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