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CCTV Surveillance FAQs

EyeOnTask's CCTV service software enables CCTV installation companies to switch to a digital platform and perform their services online.
CCTV Surveillance software includes installing cameras,assigning work order to fieldworkers and managing maintenance.
It comes packed with number of features such as Job Scheduling,Inventory Management, Job Dispatching, Invoicing and Billing, Quotations/Estimations, Client call History, Payment Collection on the filed, Job Time tracker and Electronic Signature and Customer Portal allows to leave all the hectic paperwork behind and get a better hold of your business and increase profit.

With the help of CCTV Surveillance software you can bring efficiency and accuracy in running your business.
You manage and track your camera technicians easily.
EyeOnTask provides live tracking feature to get a better hold of your workforce. With the help of CCTV Surveillance software you can manage all the work from your back office.You can take customer feedback online and grant maximum satisfaction to customers.

Yes, EyeOnTask's Admin interface for CCTV software allows you to create recurring jobs. EyeOnTask's recurring Job feature enables you to create a pattern of jobs as per your requirements and these jobs will be created upfront. EyeOnTask will send a reminder to your field workers and customers.

Yes, EyeOnTask's comes with a mobile application for CCTV Surveillance as available for both iOS and Android . Mobile application enables the fieldworkers to stay connected with the back office and send updates from time to time. It also enables for fieldworkers to chat with the support and ask about queries immediately.

EyeOnTask is equipped with powerful billing and invoicing tools will help you to do billing in a single click.
When a job is completed fieldworkers can generate a bill form the fieldworker's mobile application instantly. By improving the billing process you can get a better hold of your business.

Yes EyeOnTask's CCTV Software comes under multi language support.You can use EyeOnTask with English, Hindi, Spanish, Dutch,Greek, French, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Italian and Korean.

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