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Construction FAQs

EyeOnTask's Construction software is for helping construction companies move over to digital platforms.
EyeOnTask's software comes packed with various features such as Job Scheduling, Inventory management, annual maintenance, client call history, billing and invoicing, quotations/estimations, job time tracker and job dispatching.
These tools are essential to run a construction business. EyeOnTask's construction software helps companies to remove all the hectic processes in between and focus on the important tasks.

Using EyeOnTask's features you can unlock your way to a digitally integrated network.It provides various valuable features such as Job dispatching, Inventory management, invoicing and billing, estimations and quotations.
This builds a solid structure for any construction business.
You can also click before service and after service pictures and upload them on your mobile application or send it to customers.

Yes you can schedule audits using EyeOnTask's software and also assign an auditor according to availability online.

Yes, EyeOnTask's construction software comes with multi language support.
You can use EyeOnTask with English, Hindi, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, French, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Italian and Korean.

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