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Why must businesses use Field Service Management Software?

Next generation digitization features are the main reason you must have all those working for your growth.

Features such as Invoicing & Billing, Quotations/Estimations, Job Scheduling, Inventory Management, Job Time Tracker, Job Dispatching, Client Call history and Service Tracking, Payment Collection On The Field,Electronic Signature and Customer Portal. These features will improve overall operations, remove paper work and save time so that you can focus on generating more and more revenues.

Billing & Invoicing

EyeOnTask's Field Service Software provides powerful Invoicing tools both for your back office and field force.

Equipped with the latest inbuilt and customizable Invoice templates we allow you to do billing and generate invoices in a Single Click.
Customizing the Invoice template was never easy as it is now, users can now do editing on the fields, and set the values for the labels to see the changes on the template under the single window.

Once a job is completed your Field force/Field Workers/field service technicians can generate an invoice at the client site, it's as simple as that.

For all your service-based contracts EyeOnTask enables you to do recurring invoicing, feed the details, set the pattern, and the system will generate the Invoices on the desired timings. Only a single time effort to set up the system and you will see how easy is to manage Field Service Business with Eyeontask

Managing finances was a tougher task before but not now, using Eyeontask will enable you to create, email, and track all your invoices. By improving the Invoicing process you can get a better hold of your business and increase profit.

Integrated Invoice and Inventory will together allow you to manage asset flow and profit monitoring. We hope you invoice more and get paid more, use Eyeontask, start a Free trial now.

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Quotations/Estimations Image

In order to convert clients, we need to convince them with some digital and informative Quotes. With EyeOnTask's Quotation/Quotes/Estimation feature you can reach out to potential clients.

Both your back-office team and the field service technicians can generate a quotation and email to potential prospects. Quotations can be raised under your own branding, using your inventory items and field labors.

Your Field Workers can use mobile app to create Quotation or Provide estimation for a future work order on the go. You can also get quotations and estimations approved by customers in the field and once approved a digital work order will be dispatched to the field worker and the back office will also be in sync. EyeOnTask's Field Service Software provides a complete Quote management module which can drastically improve your customer conversion rate resulting in higher revenues.

EyeOnTask provides a complete workflow starting from leads, quotes, contracts, jobs to invoicing. They are interconnected so beautifully that a user can easily find out all the work-history and related work aspects under a single screen. That's why EyeOnTask is a complete "Field Service Management Software".

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Job Scheduling

We here at EyeOnTask are committed to build a easy life for all our Field Service businesses thus we have empowered them with Job Scheduling Software.

Whenever a Customer / Client calls in, you don't need to look for available time slots, field workers and stress in, with simple three clicks you can create a work order and allocate to the most appropriate field worker.

Field Service Software which is packed up with intelligence Scheduler tells which field workers are available, jobs location and field workers location which helps the office manager to allocate and dispatch jobs easily. One screen on Scheduler will present all important details for all the field force for a day / week / month, job management is easy with EyeOnTask's Job Scheduling Software.

An interacting user friendly interface, intelligence to dispatch and allocate jobs, finding right field workers, showing whole day / week / month schedule at once, status filters, drag drop feature to make it more easy and lot more, all these features are integral part of the EyeOnTask's Scheduling software.

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Assets/Inventory Management

For every successful business most significant is that we take care of Finances thus for Field service businesses Inventory management becomes essential.

As promised quite a few times above, we at EyeOnTask are committed to bringing ease to all our field service businesses and making them efficient to become profitable and increase revenues that's why we provide Inventory management for our users. EyeOnTask's Field Service Software has inbuilt Inventory management software that lets you manage the asset, stock in/out, low stock alerts, warehouses, and most importantly 'profits' that a business is making of its products, services, and labor.

Inventory integrated with Accounting keeps you on top of your business profit auditing. Your field workers will be carrying inventory on their mobile.

As soon as the fieldworker consumes the item in the field at the client's site your back office will be notified and inventory gets automatically adjusted.

Products/Items, Purchase Orders, Suppliers all are integrated under EyeOnTask's Asset Management module. Being part of the workflow and interconnection Product, Purchase Orders, Suppliers give a clear cut picture of Inventory status. Equipped with modern features of automatics low stock alerts EyeOnTask's Asset management module is a software solution in itself. You can easily connect all your assets with accounting software and they will be in synchronization whenever there is a consumption of Product/Item in the field.

Asset tracking with a precise physical location of the Goods/Items can also be done using the system. EyeOnTask with these unique Asset management features is the number one choice for Field Service Management Software.

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Job Time Tracker

Time is money, yes it is. When field worker will arrive at client location? How much time spent on Travel and actual job start finish times? All these are calculated automatically with EyeOnTask's mobile app.

Stand out feature that EyeOnTask app has is that your field workers can keep only one job in progress at once and only the time spent on that job will be calculated, making sure all important times which are billable to client are done on the jobs. Time tracked on Jobs can be easily turned into Invoices and shareable reports that keep your clients and back office up to date. Along with effective Job time tracker all important location stamps are also captured with travel and job timing updates. EyeOnTask admin portal also allows you to control whether your field force can enter in times or you want all those captured automatically on certain job updates.

Try it yourself and see power of Field Service Software's time tracking and it's result in increasing revenues,as we repeat "Time is Money"

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Job Dispatching Image
Job Dispatching

EyeOnTask's intuitive and real time Dispatching Software comes up with power packed features to create a work order and dispatch it to the field workers in a matter of 2 clicks in seconds.

Receive a call from customer, create a work order, allocate it to fieldworkers and they will be notified within a second. Dispatching was never this easy before as it is now with EyeOnTask's Field Service Software.

As a field worker you will going to get a notification whenver there is a new job for you and also the field worker will be able to see all the details for the job scheduled for him/her.

On the other hand as a business owner you will be able to see Job's progress, status updates in real time which you can use to keep customer up to date on the Job's progress.

Dispatching software will accelerate and streamline the process so that Dispatcher, field worker, customer and business owner are on the same page and working and seeing updates as the job is progressing.

Better co-ordination and work delivery brings customer satisfaction and more customers and in turn increased revenues for you.

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Contract Management

Simplify all your business Contracts and processes with EyeOnTask's Contract Management feature. Whether it is a one time fixed contract or is it a Service-based contract EyeOnTask provides you the ability to create, update and keep track of all contract-related aspects such as Contract duration and budget, Payment terms, Equipment used, Service & Items involved and even you can set Invoice terms (One time or Recurring) in a very simple and profound manner. If you want to set up your own terms for a Contract you can create a Custom contract as well.
Even more where we would like you to keep the Equipment tracking over the contract, with EyeOnTask's Contract Management Feature you can specify the ownership of the equipment so as it is your own or have you taken it from a service provider. Linked equipment's physical location on a Contract can also be tracked in realtime.
EyeOnTask is a complete and single package Field Service Management Software for all the field service business needs.
Once a Contract is created it can directly be emailed to the Customer which can be signed electronically.

Equipment Warranty and Annual maintenance contract reminders can also be set through Contract, so it will be a hassle-free ride when companies need to renew AMCs and equipment warranty. The system will automatically inform you when the Annual maintenance contract has to renewed.

Using EyeOnTask enables you to utilize these powerful features of Contract management for a better Field service management experience.

Contract Management Image
Audit/Inspection Image

Asset management is an integral part of the system where Field Service Companies offer types of equipment to be installed at the Client site or offering services to the installed equipment. The inventory module allows a user to know in and out stock, setting the supplier cost margin, etc. But still, there is a substantial need for a periodic Audit of the equipment and physical tracking too. EyeOnTask's Audit feature is specifically designed to create/generate Audit for Equipment, in simple steps, an Audit can be created for single or multiple equipments, and it gets dispatched to the Field Force.

EyeOnTask mobile app's Audit section has the ability to read through the Audit details such as location, client details, scheduled audit timings, and equipment details. Bar code Scanner allows field workers to do bulk auditing where the number of equipments are in large number, they can quickly scan the bar codes on equipment and the status and physical location gets captured and sent to the Admin office.

Once the auditor is finished with his work he can put in his final notes of the audit results, sign it for the proof of inspection, and also can capture the electronic signature of the Customer too.

Field Service Management of equipments had never been so easy as it is now with EyeOnTask. Having features with a high degree of completeness such as Auditing both for Field force and Admin office EyeOnTask is the number one Field service management software in the market.


A simple Job Scheduler with the only preview of Jobs is an old idea, a complete day's schedule must be presented to the Field Force manager through a single-window which makes his decision making smarter and more efficient. Field Service Business yields result better when it's Field force is managed efficiently. EyeOnTask has this great ability where Appointments can be created and dispatched such as a Job is created and dispatched.

We all know Appointments are equally important as Jobs but they should be handled separately so as to give a better of view understanding where the companies most important assets (i.e. their Fieldworkers) are engaged during the day. While an appointment with a hot prospect can be easily converted into a paying customer these workflow events should be captured quite effectively. EyeOnTask has this great ability to create these all-important events separately while keeping them interconnected which stands it out among all other Field Service Management software. More importantly, if a Field Worker finds an opportunity for business prospects while working in the field he himself can set up an appointment to get on with it and the system automatically will block his calendar, and the office Admin will be notified too. In similar fashion Field workers can also file in the details for their leaves and it will be reflected on the Job Scheduler giving office admin clear visibility to make his plans and do distribution of work effectively.

A Fieldworker on his appointment can capture the photos and add notes to provide the conclusive details once an appointment is completed.
Fieldworkers can add annotations to images they captured at the appointment site which helps tagging documents effectively. Once this is all done user can generate a PDF with all these details and documents and can send it through to desired person immediately.

Appointments/Leaves Image
Client Call history and Service Tracking

You don't need to open big paper registers any more when a Customer calls in for a service or installation request. EyeOnTask's digital platform provides you the ability to see all of the Customer call and service history under the customer section. At one glance you are able to get all the information about the earlier calls and services done for a particular customers.

You can also see all of the Customer's invoices and payment done so that you can quickly act on it and create a new work order on request. Using the previous calls and service history for Customers you can provide better services and choose the appropriate field workers who is best suited to the Job. With EyeOnTask's Client call history and Service tracking feature you can also do reporting on all your customer base and gets insights on how your business can improve and bring in more and more revenues. It has all gone digital with EyeOnTask as your field workers can also see all of these details on their mobile app while they are out in the field.

Wanted to see how this feature can help you grow? Sign up for a free EyeOnTask Trial now.

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Payment Collection On The Field Image
Payment Collection On The Field

Next generation EyeOnTask's native mobile apps are for your field workers to take a giant leap in this new era of digitization. With the help of mobile app your field workers can raise a invoice in the field and at the same time they can collect the Payment, yes they can collect the payment in the field and your account will be funded in a real time. How cool is that? create work order, dispatch to field worker,

field worker will finish the Job & raise the invoice, gets customer to sign on the feedback form, payment done by customer and that's it.

You also wanted to start collecting payment in the field, Sign up for a free EyeOnTask Trial now.

Electronic Signature

Every successful business needs to have happy and satisfied customers. And it is of most significance that you have the proof of satisfaction with you when you are monitoring the Jobs specially from Back office. Electronic Signature feature in the EyeOnTask's mobile is solely designed to fulfill the above mentioned purpose.

EyeOnTask's native Android and iOS apps let's your field worker to capture Customer's electronic Signature after they complete the Job at the client site. Customer can also provide their feedback and to authorize the work done they can sign in on the Field workers app digitally. The Electronic signature will be attached to the feedback form and can be seen under the Job in the back office.

You are looking to capture your customer's electronic signature too? Sign up for a free EyeOnTask Trial now.

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Customer portal Image
Customer portal

You have always been looking for a portal which your customers can use to raise work for you? Don't you? EyeOnTask's field Service management Software is a comprehensive package to meet all your requirements.

We provide separate Customer portal for all of your clients / customers. They can sign in on the portal at their own and can directly create work order so that you are aware that there is work which needs to be done for this customer. Customer portal is a fantastic way to Offer a more responsive customer experience as the name itself says it is "Self Service portal for Customers". EyeOnTask's Field service software let your customers do their own branding on the Customer portal. They can create work orders, see status updates and make payments directly to you.

With the help of Customer portal you can raise your income and revenues by simple reducing the time spent by you with customer interactions. This Customer portal will be 24*7 support for all your important and valuable customers.

Get your own customer portal with EyeOnTask. Sign up for a free EyeOnTask Trial now.

There are a certain things which need to be checked and properly evaluated before choosing best software for your Field service industry.

Features like Jobs scheduling, Asset management, Invoicing and location tracking are present in your Field service software or not? Do they cost extra apart from the subscription fee you pay?

Are you getting support of good job management mobile application or not?

Job management or work order user interface must be simple and easy to use.

Field service management software comes up with customer portal or not? Does it cost any extra apart from the subscription fee?

Is your Field service software accessible on mobile devices or tablets?

Is Field service software has the ability to have a multiple services on single job, so that you don't need to create different job cards for different services for same client?

Can you assign multiple field worker on the same job?

Last but not the least, Value for money, New software always puts an additional operating cost for a company so Pricing for field service software must be comparative & competitive.

And we can say this with all the confidence that EyeOnTask has Unmatchable features in Unbeatable Price.
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