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How can a Cleaning industry use EyeOnTask for organizing its work?

The cleaning industry is an important part for our society since it provides its vital services to all the hospitals, schools, offices, residential apartments, public transport like inside buses, trains, aeroplanes etc and of course public places like parks, bus stops, railway stations etc.

The industries which are into the cleaning business have a large number of workers associated with them. They need to manage this large team keeping an eye on every worker which is almost impossible. Managing everything on papers is not an easy task and so a Field Service Software like EyeOnTask is very efficient for these cleaning industries.

With a field service software like EyeOnTask the janitorial managers can assign and schedule jobs for their workers and keep track of their work with the rich admin dashboard.

The managers can schedule the jobs for workers by simply creating the jobs and assigning them to desired fieldworkers by just a few clicks.

Many a times the companies need to hand over very expensive cleaning equipment to their field workers going for the cleaning work, with EyeOnTask’s equipment management the companies can keep track of the equipment which are allotted to them.

EyeOnTask’s resource calendar gives the ability to view all the fieldworkers and their assigned jobs on a single window.


Since in the cleaning industry there is a requirement of repeated jobs for a definite period of time therefore we give a facility in our admin portal to create recurring jobs for which recurrence patterns like daily, weekly, monthly etc can be defined in the software.

Different cleaning services like house cleaning, commercial cleaning, cleaning tanks, cleaning ponds, swimming pools etc have different prices, With a field service software like EyeOnTask you can define different rates of these cleaning services and even you can define the hourly rates according to the services which require per hour monitoring.

The cleaning workers have access to the EyeOnTask mobile app where they receive the notification when any new job is assigned to them. The workers can accept the job and change the status of the job at different stages of the job cycle.

They can chat with the fellow workers, capture images from the job site, add items to the invoices, generate invoices, take feedback with electronic signatures from the customers, manage expenses and much more.

The manager from the admin dashboard can keep track of the location of the worker, track the progress of the job, view job reports and process the expenses claimed by the workers.

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