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Best Field Management Software for CLEANING companies.

Grow your Cleaning business with EyeOnTask software.

EyeOnTask is the best field service management software for Cleaning businesses.
Using EyeOnTask powerful features for the Cleaning Industry you can streamline your processes and see the results in terms of the revenue.
Create work orders, dispatch them to fieldworkers in field and track the jobs progress from back office. Create, track and Invoice it is as simple as that.

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Cleaning Scheduling
Cleaning industries comprehensively use Job Scheduling for regular Cleaning.

Most Cleaning business have to perform scheduled jobs for most of their clients, using EyeOnTask's recurring job feature you can at once create the pattern jobs and rest of the work will be done by EyeOnTask.
Each and every desired job will come up for you on the scheduled time.

Quotations/ Estimations by mobile application helps to get the new leads.

EyeOnTask's cleaning software provides Field Service App. Fieldworkers can use this mobile app while working on client site.
Fieldworkers can quickly do assessment and also can raise Quotations and provide estimations right in the field.
Admin also kept in sync with raised quotations and estimations, once approved by Customer a Job is automatically created and dispatched to Fieldworker in the app.

Recurring jobs and Invoicing make work easy.

EyeOnTask's Cleaning Software provides you a feature with which you can create future recurring jobs at one go.
Cleaning companies often have scheduled jobs to do at multiple client sites, using recurring job feature you can feed in the contract details and EyeOnTask will create all those jobs for you on the given time.
No hassle to create the repeating jobs daily, you just have to use EyeOnTask's cleaning software's Admin portal and you can select pattern for all your future jobs and generate them at as when required formula.

Mobile app for Fieldworkers

EyeOnTask's Field Service Management Mobile App for cleaning is designed to carry out cleaning Job operations in the field.

Whether it is your cleaning guy's location or a customer feedback or reports, it is all there in the EyeOnTask mobile app.
Get your cleaning fieldworker equipped with best field service app "EyeOnTask"

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Our Unmatchable Features:

EyeOnTask's Field service software offers a wide range of features which will help you move from Papers to digital platform. Businesses using EyeOnTask can easily Automate their daily operations making business running a simpler process with a huge increase in customer satisfaction and inturn increased revenue.

  •  Invoicing & Billing Invoicing & Billing
  • Quotes/EstimatesQuotations/Estimations
  • Job SchedulingJob Scheduling
  • Inventory ManagementInventory Management
  • Job Time TrackerJob Time Tracker
  • Job DispatchingJob Dispatching
  • Client Call history and service TrackingClient Call History And Service Tracking
  • Payment Collection On The FieldPayment Collection On The Field
  • Electronic SignatureElectronic Signature
  • Electronic SignatureCustomer Portal
  • ContractContract
  • AuditAudit
  • EquipmentEquipment
  • LeadLead Management
  • ExpenseExpense Management
  • Multi Language SupportMulti Language Support
Manage whole process in just 4 simple steps.
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  • Cleaning software fieldworker

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  • Cleaning Service software invoice

    Raise invoice

  • Cleaning Service software feedback

    Get feedback

Cleaning Software FAQs

Both residential and commercial cleaning industries can manage their work efficiently using EyeOnTask FSM software.Cleaning industry mostly takes contract based jobs for commercial cleaning.If it is a cleaning job which includes lots of supervision, it's good that cleaning industries use digital tools like EyeOnTask to manage the overhead of scheduling jobs, creating quotations, creating invoices, managing inventory and equipment.Keeping track of your cleaning staff is also easy with EyeOnTask.

Yes EyeOnTask cleaning software comes with multi language support.
You can use EyeOnTask with English, Hindi, Spanish, Dutch,Greek, French, German, Hebrew, Portugese, Russian, Japanese, Italian and Korean.

Yes, EyeOnTask software along with its web application which is used for back office work also has a mobile application for its fieldworkers.

Yes, with EyeOnTask cleaning software you can create as many cleaning jobs and assign them to single or multiple users.Apart from creating a single cleaning job you have the option to mark it repetitive to occur on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Using EyeOnTask mobile app the field users can receive notifications about the new jobs, they have the facility to capture images and upload documents relating to the job and communicate with the back office administrator or manager with rich chat features.

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