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Can a Field Service Software which has Equipment and Audit management features improve your business productivity?
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You will find many field service softwares if you go searching the web, but the ones which suit your requirements are only beneficial. If you are a company who needs to install and manage heavy equipment like the Cleaning Industry, Transportation Industry and Construction Industry the main concern is the maintenance of these equipment.

Proper maintenance of the equipment which are used at job sites is mandatorily needed to continue breakfree operations of your business and avoid any downtime. Detection of sudden problems in the equipment at the jobsite results in unscheduled repair costs and customer’s dissatisfaction.

There is a saying “A Stitch in time saves nine” which is very suitable for maintaining these heavy equipment. A proper audit of these equipment will save you from the sudden breakdowns of these heavy equipment at a jobsite and help you to fix them beforehand with little cost.

Think if any equipment fails while using it, it might cause severe injuries to the workers and create a negative impact on the company’s prestige. Maintenance of these heavy equipment is therefore very important.

Every item we use in our day to day life needs proper maintenance. With proper maintenance we can extend the life of any item or equipment. For the equipment that is installed at a customer's place , a periodic Audit and then the maintenance is required for proper functioning of the equipment. You can serve your customers better if you have maintained your equipment well and can rely on it when it is needed.

EyeOnTask is one such field service software which has Equipment and Audit management features. You can easily add equipment, link these equipment with a job within a contract, create an audit for those equipment and assign those audits to the respective auditor/technician.

A technician/Auditor/Fieldworker on the mobile app gets the details about the audit assigned to him regarding the equipment and he can carry on the audit with these details. The Barcode scanner on the mobile app lets the technician do the bulk audits if the number of equipment is more.

After finishing the Audits the technician can provide his Audit report to the back office manager along with the proof of inspection and e-signature of the customer for which the audit has been conducted.

Finally according to the equipment audit reports the actions can be taken for the maintenance of the equipment. With audit reports we can also get the idea as to how long we should keep the Audit interval of the equipment so that they can be maintained well and the service repair cost can be reduced.

An uninterrupted workflow without any equipment failure leads to customer satisfaction, increased productivity and field-technician’s safety. So try using our field service software EyeOnTask and explore all its features as it comes with a 15 days free trial. Sign up for a free EyeOnTask Trial now.