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Boost your Pool and Spa Business with EyeOnTask Pool Service Software

Automate your manual tasks and digitize your workflow. With EyeOnTask’s smart, easy, and fast pool service software you can schedule field employees, instant payments, manage contracts, and whatnot.
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EyeOnTask Quotations-Estimation

Create & send Instant Quotations and Estimations with Pool Service Software

EyeOnTask’s pool field service software offers customized quotation options to keep your pool service business intact.
Keep track of quotations and instantly generate quotes while on the field.
Dynamically adjust and tailor the price book and share customizable quotations to clients.
Generate and share digital estimates with clients and enhance professionalism in the invoicing process.

Track your AMCs

Automate and manage your pool service contracts, warranties, profitability, and important dates.
EyeOnTask helps pool service providers gain visibility and control over annual maintenance contracts and avoid the chances of using spares for out-of-warranty devices.
The pool business software from EyeOnTask allows you to set automatic reminders for forthcoming maintenance or repair dates of your pool service business.
Schedule weekly/monthly/yearly reminders to miss any pool & spa services.
EyeOnTask AMCs
EyeOnTask recurring-jobs

Schedule Reminders

Never miss any services using pool management software.
Set up recurring dates for pool inception, water treatment, steam or ice rooms, and maintenance.
Set reminders for invoice due, quote due, equipment expire, and contract expire.
Save significant time with the pool business software handling recurring job schedules.

Create & Manage Chemical Logs and Custom Forms using pool management software

EyeOnTask’s pool service software helps businesses to create custom forms.
Ensure comprehensive tracking of products such as muriatic acid, sodium bisulfate, sulfuric acid, sodium carbonate, chlorine, and Bromine.
Document the usage and specifics of each chemical in your spa or pool business.
Use chemical logs and custom forms for quick data retrieval.
Access information promptly whenever needed, facilitating efficient decision-making and analysis.
EyeOnTask Chemical-Logs
EyeOnTask Job-card

Digital Job Card to Manage your Contracts quickly and easily

Streamline pool & spa business operations by consolidating all the information using a job card.
Enhance efficiency with a system that facilitates easy and rapid data retrieval.
Quickly find relevant information linked to contracts with centralized pool management software.
Job cards are used to maintain digital records of completed work orders.
Ensure real-time documentation and logical organization of contract-related tasks.

Easy Equipment Management

EyeOnTask’s feature-rich software facilitates you to simplify the pool equipment management process by allowing field workers to quickly record all the details of each piece of equipment used in a pool management on their mobile app.
The field employees can store serial numbers of Filters (Cartridge, Sand, or DE Filter), Pool Pumps/Heaters, skimmers, bioshield UV sterilized, and Pool Brush Attachments.
Fieldworkers can also store additional equipment details by scanning barcodes, adding booking/installing dates, and creating customized inventory reports.
Manage chemicals in inventory.
Record equipment’s installation date, expiry date, warranty dates and more.
EyeOnTask Equipment-Management
EyeOnTask Integrations

Seamless Integrations with Third-party Apps

EyeOnTask offers smooth integrations of your pool business with third-party applications.
Integrate Xero, Quickbooks, PayPal, and Stripe and eliminate the hassles of double data entry.
Easily manage your pool business field operations by keeping track of all credit sales, sending automated payment reminders, and ensuring that all financials are accurate.

Pool Service Software to Capture Customer Feedback Easily

Offer quality pool services every time with EyeOnTask’s customer feedback tool.
Pool service software enables businesses to get instant feedback and eSign once the task is completed.
Record & share overall performance reports and ratings.
EyeOnTask Feedback
EyeOnTask mobile-app
Use our tailored field service mobile app
Get your fieldforce equipped with powerful and feature packed Mobile apps from EyeOnTask. We have the data suggesting that fieldforce using our mobile apps to carry out the jobs in the field are seeing 70% increase in their day to day work efficiency. Everything required to do the job is available through mobile apps in the palm of your fieldworker. Try it now and download the apps for free from Google Play and App Store.
Our Unmatchable Features
EyeOnTask's Field service software offers a wide range of features which will help you move from Papers to digital platform. Businesses using EyeOnTask can easily Automate their daily operations making business running a simpler process with a huge increase in customer satisfaction and in turn increased revenue.
Manage whole process in just 4 simple steps.
  • create Job pool&spa

    Create Job

  • pool&spa fieldworker

    Assign to fieldworker

  • pool&spa Service software invoice

    Raise invoice

  • pool&spa Service software feedback

    Get feedback

Pool and Spa FAQs

The Pool and Spa industry can efficiently manage their business with EyeOnTask.
Services such as the chemical recovery of the pool, cleaning sensors, vacuuming the pool, salt chlorination, repair, maintenance, etc can be put together as a single job and assigned to multiple fieldworkers using EyeOnTask.
Once the job is accepted by the field person, you can keep track of all the activities with EyeOnTask.
EyeOnTask comes with features such as Job Scheduling, Creating quotations, Billing, Invoicing, Reports, and much more.

Yes, you can create annual maintenance contracts using EyeOnTask field service management software. Creating multiple jobs within a single contract can be easily done.
Recurring patterns can be scheduled for weekly or monthly jobs.

EyeOnTask comes with a 15-day free trial. You can explore all the features of the product during the trial period.

Yes, EyeOnTask's real-time tracking feature enables you to keep track of your field worker. Whether your field worker is at the job site or he is traveling, you can monitor his movement with EyeOnTask.

EyeOnTask field service software provides you with different reports based on the jobs done, fieldworkers involved in doing the jobs, invoice-based reports, client-based reports, inventory-based reports and equipment-based reports.

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