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Do you want to digitize your plumbing business? Go for a Field Service software like EyeOnTask.

Reaching out to more customers each day is possible only when your day to day plumbing activities are streamlined. EyeOnTask has specific features which help to increase your business productivity and the software is easily available on each platform, web, android and ios.

Imagine how easy your plumbing services would be when all your mundane tasks are digitized. Scheduling a job, dispatching it to the most appropriate plumber or field technician, managing work orders, getting the job done, managing inventory and invoicing and receiving feedback regarding the services done from the customers, all these are possible with the EyeOnTask’s Field service management software.

Apart from these basic features EyeOnTask gives you the ability to manage all your plumbing Leads, Contracts, Audits, Equipment, Expenses, Quotation/Estimates, Chat History related to specific plumbing work, Real time tracking, Leave management, Payment processing, Customer portal and many more.

Large, middle or small, any type of plumbing business you are in, a field service management software is always beneficial for your business.

There are a large number of Field service management tools which suits any plumbing business.Its upto businesses that they decide which field service software will be very comfortable for them to opt for.

Few points a plumbing business need to check while choosing the best possible Field Service Software tool for their business are as follows:-

Ability to manage plumbing work orders digitally with all the necessary information regarding the job.

Managing the work orders was never easy when it was manually done with paperwork. With field service software like EyeOnTask you can just feed in the details of the clients for which you need to create a work order and assign it to the plumbing technicians in just a few clicks.

The technician will be notified on the mobile app about the new job and all the related information regarding the job.The manager from the EyeOnTask’s web portal can view the job’s progress and keep track of the job’s status.

Ability to track real time location of the fieldworkers on map.

When a plumbing company knows where and when their plumbing technicians will reach and provide services, it gives them the ability to assign more jobs to their technicians. Seeing all the jobs and fieldworkers on the map is made possible with field service softwares today.

Knowing the exact location of the fieldworker, the route he takes to the job site makes it easy for businesses to better coordinate with their technicians and serve the clients better.

Resource Scheduler and Leave management.

For a field service software it is necessary to have a view in which one can see all the fieldworkers along with their respective jobs on the scheduler. The resource scheduler gives you the insight about what person assigned which job and at what time.

Similarly with the Leave management in the field service software the back office manager can add leave for the fieldworkers who are not present for that day.

Easy billing/invoicing and payment.

For any field service software to be user friendly, it needs to have an easy process for invoicing and receiving payments, if the process is complex it's very hard for the field service companies to adapt it. Simple and easy billing and invoicing makes EyeOnTask standout among the other field service softwares.

Ease of customised report generation.

Efficient Reports gives you a better picture about the various factors that contribute to the profit of your field business.

Reports which can be generated on the basis of Clients, Jobs, Invoices, Users, Expenses etc can be beneficial for you to analyse your field business and thus take action on the basis of that for the betterment of your field business.

Management of Equipment and Audits.

For any field service industry two main important sources of income are from the services they offer and the AMC work they provide for their existing customers. Regular audits of the installed equipment and their services becomes difficult when everything is managed with paperworks.

Companies are not able to keep track of what equipment is installed at what palace and how long it has been audited. With EyeOnTask you can easily manage all your equipment and plan audits at regular intervals like monthly audits, annual audits etc.

Facility for on-field photo capture and e-signature.

Many times it gets difficult for a field worker to get genuine feedback from the customer for the services he has given. With e-signature on the EyeOnTask’s mobile app the fieldworkers can take feedback along with customers' signatures about the services given.

Capturing images of the work place before and after the services given can be very helpful for a fieldworker to give the proof of the work done. This can easily be done with EyeOnTask’s mobile app.

Powerful job based chat and chat history.

Chats are available in any software to exchange ideas and solve any problematic situation with getting suggestions from the team and the back office manager. If the chats are linked with the jobs then they become more useful and helpful when we look back at that chat after sometime to search any relevant piece of note for that job.

Job based chats are very important as it gives the overall sequence of the chats as to what has happened and when did it happen.

Notification alerts for the new jobs assigned to the fieldworkers.

When a field worker is out on field for work he is expecting that he has a list of all the upcoming works he needs to do for the next day.

A simple notification about a new job will help a fieldworker get an idea as to which location he needs to visit tomorrow, what are the routes he can follow to reach the job site and what is the schedule of the assigned job.

Cost effective and 24*7 quick support.

The main concern for any small or large scale plumbing industry is the pricing of the software as they need to look into their budgets when planning to buy any software.This is not a one time process as the subscription needs to be renewed every year, so choosing the software which is cost effective is very important.

Equally important is the support that the software provides to resolve your problems quickly, provide demonstration about the features that are newly introduced and you find difficult to understand.Companies should provide many communication channels to interact with them like emails, Live chats, messages etc.

With a Field service management software having above mentioned points you will definitely improve your overall plumbing business operations and generate more and more revenues.

EyeOnTask comes with all the necessary features for a plumbing business. Try registering your plumbing company with EyeOnTask and explore all its features as it comes with a 15 days free trial. Sign up for a free EyeOnTask Trial now. Get yourselves contented and then Subscribe.