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EyeOnTask's Field service software offers a wide range of features which will help you move from Papers to digital platform. Businesses using EyeOnTask can easily Automate their daily operations making business running a simpler process with a huge increase in customer satisfaction and in turn increased revenue.

Job Scheduler

Manage your Business day, Plan, Create and Dispatch with field Service Scheduler Software.

EyeOnTask has Inbuilt Service Scheduler Software which allows you to plan and schedule jobs with the availability of Fieldworkers. See the time slots and fill in with the work orders to available fieldworkers. Using scheduler component makes you efficient and enables you to better monitoring and increased revenue. Simple two clicks to get a new job on Scheduler and it is ready to be allocated on time line. Running Field Service Business is all about managing your field force efficiently so stay on top of it with EyeOnTask.

What Field Service industry do you work in?
hvac HVAC Go To Details
Next-generation Field Service Software for HVAC companies.
As time evolves so as the need arises where traditional software to handle HVAC businesses also needs to be reformatted. Field Service Software equipped with modern technology and features such as Intelligent dispatching, AI enabled mobile apps, etc are now a must to be in pace with the market competition.

Eyeontask's Field Service Software for HVAC companies is designed with keeping all these aspects in mind, specifically for HVAC companies we provide :

- A complete automatic annual maintenance contract module, once fed it will automatically going to keep track of all the AMCs in the system, sending alerts, creating jobs, generating invoices, all on its own.

- Reoccuring jobs and invoices.

- Contract dealing and equipment installation and handling, real-time inventory

- Customer reviews collection in the field, insights for customer's demand and previous jobs

- Automatic job dispatching system with Artificial intelligence-enabled.

- Real-time team tracking with additional features to allocate or reallocate jobs based upon the optimal routes for the field workers.

- And many more, see the full list of features here.

Your performance, efficiency, team co-ordination, and customer satisfaction all will be going to see tremendous improvements with all these new-generation features working alongside you in the field. Doing the job management work in the office OR performing the jobs in the field by your fieldworkers will all be so smooth that you will justify our tag line in a real scenario, "It's a joy to work with Eyeontask's Field Service Software".
Plumbing Plumbing Go To Details
Get your plumbing business a Field Service Software that will transform all your operations.
You read it right, get your plumbing business a new age Field service software that will go to transform all your business operations from office to on the field. Whether it is your admin staff managing the field force, creating job orders for customers, receiving complaints, OR your fieldworkers going out in the field to do their job, Eyeontask's field service management software is specifically designed and equipped with features that will be making the getting the job done an easy and smooth process. Using the latest technology and artificial intelligence our field service software will work hand in hand with your plumbing company to improve the overall operations of your plumbing jobs, such as

- Creating digital work orders and dispatching to field workers.

- Providing your own branded customer portal where your customers can directly log tickets with you.

- Intelligent route management system and real-time team tracking.

- On-site assessment of the job so that your field workers can easily quote the expected expenses to customers using the mobile app.

- Audit, expense, invoice, work order, equipment, and inventory management all in one solution.

- Powerful reporting going down to each and every field present in the system to generate a report on.

- Advanced scheduling system to help admin staff manage team and customers' work orders easily.

There is complete range of functionality that we offer specifically for the plumbing business, you can read all the features in detail here.
It's time to get up and be a part of this digital transformation to use start using Eyeontask's Field Service Software that will increase the work efficiency of the team, provides better coordination between back office and field force, help you get more and more satisfied customers and hence generating revenue.
Computer Installation & Repair
Computer-Repair Computer Installation & Repair Go To Details
Automate your Computer repair and installation operations with Field Service Software.

Eyeontask's field service software for computer repair and installation companies is specifically designed to make the business process smoother and automate daily operations so that you can focus on business not on how to run business operations.

Features such as Custom forms are designed so that your field workers can run a set of checks using the protocols defined before starting any job.

Real-time inventory, equipment tracking, contract management, on-site audit are some powerful tools in Eyeontask's Field service software that are available both on the admin portal and fieldworker app, making everything work in sync.

Your annual maintenance contracts can be fed at once in the system and it will be going to work automatically, creating work orders, sending alerts and reminders, generating invoices, etc.

We have a comprehensive system which is designed by spending millions of dollars on researching your business needs which is why we are able to build a system which is all in one for field service industry.

You can see the full list of features here.

Transportation & Logistics
Transportation&Logistics Transportation & Logistics Go To Details
Running the Transportation and logistics business was never been so easy as it is now with the implementation of Field Service Software.

The transportation and logistics business has gone through a series of changes over the recent years and in order to keep pace with the fast-moving industry, the implementation of Field service software to manage all the back office and on-field operations is a must. It's always good to be equipped with the necessary resources and equipment. EyeOnTask's did a whole lot of research around how Transportation and logistics business works, what are the most important part of the business which requires support from a real-time digital platform and thus we created Eyeontask's Field service software.

Whether it is real-time vehicle tracking, inventory management, invoicing, quoting, work order dispatching, day's scheduling, fieldworker's mobile application, this all comes within a single solution provided by Eyeontask.

You don't need to have a number of different software but a single comprehensive solution from Eyeontask will do that all for you.

If you want to explore all sets of features please visit this link here.

So let's be a part of this digital transformation, sign up now and make the most of the software to grow your business.

Construction Construction Go To Details
Construction businesses getting to a new high with effective Field Service Software

Construction businesses have unique requirements in comparison to other field service businesses, getting projects is not easy as all of that has to go through the complex cycle of bidding, quoting, and winning it among all other competitors. Once into the project, operations, and management of tasks have to be perfect enough where delivery, quality are provided within the timeline. Keeping all these important aspects in the mind Eyeontask has built a Field service software that can help every construction business company to do it all efficiently, effectively, and on time.

Quotation feature has been designed specifically to address the deep detailing of the actual project requirements, capturing photos, storing images, generating documents, upfront calculations with actual parts/items/labor/service all available at both ends i.e. on-site and in the office.

Once approved quotations can directly be converted into actual job/work orders, further down contracts can be created with the actual agreement terms and conditions, you can get your contracts signed electronically with the digital signature feature. Contract feature is one of the standout features with the ability to generate contracts according to the need of the project, it can be one time, monthly, yearly, or work based.

As the work progresses you can adjust the number of resources allocated to the project, check upon your expenses, keep an eye on the field forces, and provide daily reports to your clients. Eyeontask helps you to move smoothly as the project progresses.

We have a number of features in our field service software which are all very very useful and have the ability to transform the way you have been operating your construction business till now. You can go through the full list of features here.

There shouldn't be second thought if you are wanting to improve your operations, growing your customer base, increasing efficiency and ultimately generating revenue. Sign up for a free trial now!

CCTV Surveillance
CCTV-surveillance CCTV Surveillance Go To Details
One of the best CCTV installation field service software.

ECCTV installation involves a number of steps and they all have to done synchronously to finish the job. Identifying the exact site location, getting power and internet supply, connecting required equipment, etc these all operations have to be performed on-site. With Eyeontask's powerful field service software, every aspect of the CCTV camera installation business can be done smoothly.

New generation Quoting/estimation functionality is designed so that every little detail about the location, type of instrument/device/equipment, hours to perform the job at the client's site, maintenance cost, etc can be captured on the single quote. Once captured the quote can be directly sent to the customer for approval which he/she can approve through the electronic signature. As soon as the quote is approved all the details captured on the quotes are transferred to the actual work orders and get dispatched automatically.

Easy and intelligent Job dispatching system provided in the software that can be used to create and distribute the jobs to the field force. Once created all the jobs can be monitored by the back office very easily and he/she can make adjustments on the go. Office admin can easily handle the work distribution and project progress for multiple sites through Job scheduler, which is so powerful that can provide the whole summary at one glance, including day week and month view.

Annual maintenance contract details can easily be fed in the system for once and after that they will be generated automatically at the required time interval, generating alerts at the right time to get to the customer and perform the job. Not only the jobs under an annual maintenance contract can be set to occur repeatedly but contracts, invoicing can also be set as reoccurring.

As a part of the field service software, your CCTV installation field force is equipped with modern and advance mobile apps that can run over their mobile phones/tablets. Getting job details, the best route to get to the client's locations, performing initial and post-job checks through custom forms, collecting job documents, generating invoice (adding the items on the go with an online linked inventory), receiving payment, client's feedback and confirmation collection with an electronic signature, etc. Please refer to this link here for detail about all the powerful features our field service software has to offer.

Doing things with the utmost efficiency, using all available technology and system is the demand of today, get yourself one of the best in the field service industry, sign up now.

Internet & Cable TV Providers
Internet&Cable Internet & Cable TV Providers Go To Details
Internet and cable TV businesses seeing the greatest of improvements in business operations with the implementation of field service software.

Internet service providers and Cable TV businesses had been running on the traditional model for a long time, now just like every other business, they are also seeing a great shift in the way they operate their day to day operations and services to customers.

Starting from dealing with a new customer inquiry, providing a quotation and billing information, service starting and instrument/equipment installation, dispatching work order to field workers, monitoring the work progress, setting up monthly contracts, generating reoccurring invoices, providing customer portal to raise service tickets directly and many more, all these important aspects of your business needs better handling thus we have created one complete system which can do it all for you, in a single solution, yes that's it only one single solution for all of this.

Eyeontask has been in the business for a long now so our years of experience in this is on offer to grow your business with quick and easy implementation of 'Field service software'.

Our field service software has been built using the latest technology and comes with some extraordinary modules which aren't available in the market as one software solution. Dispatch, scheduling, Invoicing, Quoting, Contract and equipment management, Audit and reporting, mobile apps with next-generation features in the palm of your field force, and many more.

You can read through the details of every feature we offer here on this page.

Competition is tough but we know you are tougher to get through it and we are here to help you with that. So let's get this rolling with Eyeontask's field service software and stay on top of your business. Sign up now for a free 14 days trial and we are sure you can't stop using it once on it.

Pest Controlling
Pest-Controlling Pest Controlling Go To Details
One of its own kind, Field service software for the Pest control industry.
During the pandemic, one of the industry which has been of utmost importance during and post pandemic is Pest control. Sanitization is a demand for everyone Today whether it is industrial set ups or household facilities. To make up to the speed of demand and provide excellent end to end service, Pest control industry requires digital hand to work with, yes that's where we stand up and provide one of the Field service software to manage all aspects involved in running pest control business.

Field service software from Eyeontask has everything that is required to run pest control business smoothly. Been in industry for so long make us aware that there's a lots been happening throughout the day when it comes to creating work orders and managing the fieldforce to carry out pest controlling operations at the client site. Using the same bit of experience we have tailored the field service software specifically to deal with day to day issues and came up with a single/comprehensive solution for all pest controlling business needs, which includes:

- Receiving jobs, complaints and service order management tool.

- Scheduling jobs tool.

- Dispatching and managing teams through the software.

- Creating quotes,generating digital work orders and raising invoices in the field itself.

- Real time inventory to manage all the items and assets in the company.

- Customer history, their feedback on the go.

- Receiving payments and many more.

You can review the full list of features here.
Eyeontask's field service software is the one thing that can transform your pest controlling business in the matter of weeks. Don't hesitate, success is knocking at your door, give it a try now. Sign up here for a 14 days free trial which will become a long life relation with the software.
Cleaning Software
Cleaning-software Cleaning Software Go To Details
Here we are to take your cleaning business to the next level. Field service software|

A virus has changed the world, isn't it? Cleaning and sanitization now hold priority over everything else so as the cleaning business has seen the rise in their day to day business demand and operations. Doing it the old way will not stand up to the mark thus the gap has to be filled with the digital tools to work alongside you. Eyeontask understands this all and provides field service software that will make you efficient to deal with all new and increasing demands and make your operation smoother so you can keep on capitalizing on the current market offering.

Implementation, installation, and training all are programmed in such a way that your whole team will be able to make most of the field service software.

Any type of cleaning business can make use of all these excellent features which includes, generating work order, providing customer portal so that your customer can directly raise a ticket/service call with you, automate your task creating and invoicing, view and analyze customer history, powerful scheduler to make the most of each and every second, let your customer and yourself track the field-force leaving the office or arriving at the customer site, a powerful mobile app in the palm of your field workers, dynamic reporting and many more.

You can go through the full list of features here on this page.

You are only one step away from transforming your business, take the step, and sign up for 14 days free trial now, we are sure you can't stop yourself from continuing with the system.

Lawncare and Landscape
Lawncare and Landscape
Lawncare and Landscape Lawncare and Landscape Go To Details
Running Lawncare and Landscape business is a joy when you have field service software to do it.
Lawncare and landscaping business involves a whole lot of day to day operations to be done with a higher degree of efficiency. Eyeontask's field service software is designed to do all these operations with ease. Here is the highlight of the stuff that a Lawncare and landscape business can make use of :

- Automatic job dispatch system, you don't need to manually dispatch jobs once you are using Eyeontask's field service software. All your scheduled service jobs can be fed into the system for once and after that, it will be going to create jobs and dispatch them automatically to all your field-force. Never miss on any reoccurring service call let the system manage that all for you.

- Recurring invoicing and item handling, you can set up the system so it will generate the invoices for all the work done during the day/week/month.
Your field workers can easily make use of the mobile app, mark or enter the service type done with a date on it plus can add items used for the service provided, the mobile app will capture that and sync back to the admin office. Your invoice to customers with all these information will be generated and sent to the customer automatically on the defined date.

- Powerful scheduler for admin staff to plan and allocate work to the field force. Day/Week/Month view calendar will present all unassigned work on the time line, highlighting which fieldworker has got the capacity to take a job, leaves and appointments will be shown separately. This powerful features let you organise all of your work in a very effective manner.

- Mobile application for your fieldworker to perform job and collect all job related data digitally. They can also raise the quotations and invoices on the go.

Here you can go through the full list of the features.

To all Lawncare and landscape business, I can assure these power field service software techniques will multiply your income by increasing your efficiency and customer satisfaction. Give it a try and you will stick to it, sign up here.
Pool and Spa
Pool and Spa
Pool and Spa Pool and Spa Go To Details
Field Service Software for Pool and spa service providers.
Time changes so as the way businesses are running needs to be changed as well. Using the latest technologies for businesses is a way to keep yourself ahead in the market competition. Field service companies providing services for pool and spa management and maintenance can start using the best in the market, yep, Eyeontask's field service software is number one in the market for pool and spa management services.

- Automatic annual maintenance contract module, once fed it will automatically going to keep track of all service contracts in the system, sending alerts, creating jobs, generating invoices, all on its own.

- Reoccuring jobs and invoices.

- Customer reviews collection in the field, insights for customer's demand and previous jobs.

- Automatic job dispatching system with Artificial intelligence-enabled.

- Real-time team tracking with additional features to allocate or reallocate jobs based upon the optimal routes for the field workers.

- And many more, see the full list of features here.

Your business will be going to see tremendous improvements with all these new-generation features of Eyeontask's field service software. The job management work in the office OR your field workers performing the jobs in the field will all be so smooth that you will justify our tag line in a real scenario, "It's a joy to work with Eyeontask's Field Service Software".
Sign up for a free trial now.
Solar Installation System
Solar Installation System
Solar Installation System Solar Installation System Go To Details
Increase the efficiency of solar installation while lowering costs
The renewable energy business is exploding, with everything from solar and wind to hydro options. Solar service companies that install operate, and repair residential or commercial systems frequently use clumsy spreadsheets, whiteboards, or, yes, sticky notes to plan service calls. With paper-based methods, doing solar panel inspections and responding to repair requests is a chore.
A lack of a field service management software solution might result in major data collecting problems, repeat visits, improper billing, and so on. Many businesses struggle to keep track of their parts inventory. If you want to take charge of your solar service operations management, there's no better time than now to start with the proper solar operations management software with EyeOnTask.
To get a competitive edge in solar power installation and maintenance you must use field service management software. It keeps personnel and inventory expenditures low while providing exceptional customer service.

And many more, see the full list of features here.

Your business will be going to see tremendous improvements with all these new-generation features of Eyeontask's field service software. The job management work in the office OR your field workers performing the jobs in the field will all be so smooth that you will justify our tag line in a real scenario, "It's a joy to work with Eyeontask's Field Service Software".
Sign up for a free trial now.
Fire Safety Software
Fire-Safety Fire Safety Software Go To Details
Improve your fire safety business by automating all your field service operations
As a fire safety and protection business, it is extremely difficult to manage all field operations including installations, inspections, contracts, work orders, reports, accounts, and most importantly field workers.
EyeOnTask provides seamless, effortless, and easy-to-use field service software to satisfy your fire safety business demands and maintain your workflow up to date, convert more deficiencies into revenue, and deliver an excellent customer experience.
Our fire safety management software aims to help organizations to focus on their services while improving business outcomes. EyeOnTask helps fire protection firms by identifying ineffective work procedures, conducting compliance audits, and reducing field workers' response times. By overseeing all of the contracts from a single dashboard, it can also assist with data collection and generate intelligent reports. Further, this intuitive tool helps you to manage all the manual tasks by automating the entire process in one screen.

And many more, see the full list of features here.

Lift & Escalator Software
Elevator-Escalator Lift & Escalator Software Go To Details
Flexible and configurable Lift & Elevator management solution for sustainable business growth
Lift & Elevator service software by EyeOnTask is a business software that is designed to keep elevator installation and repair service providers efficient and profitable. Exceed customer expectations by offering seamless way to accept payment, lift/elevator installation/repair, on-call services, track field employees, and control overall field services.
A modern-day lift & elevator business providers requires a solution that enhances the company’s progress and automates every single task. Lift and elevator management software by EyeOnTask streamlines the entire process and concentrates on company's growth. The software simplifies and expedites job scheduling by eliminating paper, reducing errors, and increasing productivity.
It helps in scaling your business with cutting-edge technology to manage customer orders, job history, and customer information – all in one place. Empower your business with EyeOnTask and keep an eye on elevator engineers' locations, scrutinize the status of jobs, send quotations and invoices easily and visualize the results on a customizable data report.

And many more, see the full list of features here.

Powerful multi-level custom forms and questions. Create, Publish and Use.

EyeOnTask empowers you to create your own set of question and answers which can be associated to Job types.
These custom forms can be prerequisite inquiries or post job checks or protocols and will appear on mobile apps at job site at your decided event of the job process. Fieldworkers will see these set of custom fields when they are performing jobs at the Client site, admin can view/edit these as required. Even more you can attach all these to job cards ,invoices and email directly to customers.
Field Service management is way easier when you have EyeOnTask to do it.

No Credit card required

Eliminate paperwork, manual workflows, and time-consuming accounting processes

EyeOnTask field service software offers a fully connected solution to simplify your e-invoicing and e-way bill needs by integrating your field service businesses with accounting software and payment gateways like Xero, QuickBooks, Stripe, and Paypal.

integrations image
Grow your business with Own Mobile Application

To gain instant recognition and promote your brand, get a bespoke feature-rich mobile application with EyeOnTask. You may easily add items, services, and pricing to this mobile app. This is accessible on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

This custom mobile application integrates seamlessly with EyeOnTask's field service software, making the completion of raised tickets by your clients quick and fast. The mobile app also includes job scheduling, GPS tracking, and online payment, resulting in a perfect business partnership

No Credit card required

Track your workforce

EyeOnTask enables you to manage everything in a modern and intuitive way which makes it the best field service management software in the market.

Offline working.

With EyeOnTask's field service mobile app you don't have to worry about the network coverage, field users can work all the time even without the network.

Real-time data sync.

Geo location, job operation details, clock in out, every detail related to field service done is in sync with Admin in real time.

On Field Audit.

Fieldworkers can perform audit with powerful features such as bar/qr code scanning, equipment information and signature of handler capturing, all through the mobile app.

Invoicing and Payment on the go.

Add items, generate Invoice and collect payment all through the mobile app at client's site.

Calendar in your palm.

Be organised, see all your field service jobs and day's activities on the calendar.

Customer's proof of satisfaction.

Once a Job is done capture the proof of work completed with the mobile app. Signature and customer ratings are integral part of a successful field service business.

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