Why use EyeOnTask ?

Location tracking

With powerful Location tracking feature see your FieldWorker's locations on Map and improve your visibility.


Manage your team

EyeOnTask aids in creating a roadmap to show how each step will be performed with its details, thus helping the team to create a plan and execute it.


Boost your sales

With EyeOnTask take your leads to the next level by unlocking sales opportunities. Track your leads to into opportunities and close deals faster.

Manage your Business day. Plan, Create and Dispatch from one place.Use powerful Scheduler feature of Eyeontask.

Very neat and efficient Scheduler allows you to plan and schedule jobs with the availability of Fieldworkers. See the time slots and fill in with the work orders to available fieldworkers.Using scheduler component makes you efficient and enables you to better monitoring and increased revenue.Simple two clicks to get a new job on Scheduler and it is ready to be allocated on time line.

Other Features:
  • Payment Collection in the Field
  • Inventory Management
  • Service History Tracking
  • Electronic Signature
  • Job time tracker
  • Quotes/Estimates
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Dispatching
Eye On Task
Track your workforce

EyeOnTask enables you to manage everything in a modern and intuitive way.


Get more done

Planning helps you to stay on track. EyeOnTask helps you to stick to your schedule so that you can accomplish your job on time. Hence taking more jobs and delivering more.


Organised teamwork

A team can be organised when you have proper communication on task with the team and proper coordination in overall work done. Thus, EyeOnTask is very handy to do it.


Real-Time data capture

EyeOnTask displays the field workers and jobs on the map, allowing you to track the field worker's position and also allowing you to assign the closest unit to a job and reduce drive time. It also provides field workers with detailed driving directions, powered by google maps.


Now your organization on your screen.

EyeOnTask provides you everything you need to streamline your team's activities. Powerful dashboard to view active jobs, completed Jobs, location of the job site and field workers on map. You can also view invoices based on the worked hours.

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Mobile apps for the field workers.

Track the routes and real-time locations of your field workers when they are at work. All they need is an app that is installed on their smartphones, rest is managed with EOT.


EyeOnTask is focused on providing businesses a solution which helps to streamline their field activities. With its powerful feature of location tracking, one can view the position of the field workers on duty.

Eye On Task

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