Success Story of Water & Drainage Services

Read how Water & Drainage Services used EyeOnTask to achieve significant cost savings, a quick ROI, and the ability to streamline communication across every aspect of its business operations.
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Water & Drainage Services LLC


Plumbing & Drainage


Cape Town, SA




• 3X faster payment received
• 25% increase in productivity
• Automated field service ops


Easy for the fieldworks to use after a small amount of inhouse training. Enjoy having all the info for 1 job in 1 place instead of looking for info in all different apps. The sales/support team is amazing.

June G.
Finance & Admin Water & Drainage Services LLC, Cape Town, South Africa

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, Water & Drainage Services offers pipe rehabilitation, drain cleaning & root extraction, CCTV pipe inspection and electromagnetic pipe location services throughout the city.


Water & Drainage Services wanted to improve their field service operations to manage their field employees as the client struggled to monitor the whereabouts of their field employees, leading to difficulties in assigning tasks efficiently.

Our client often required an quotation platform as it was a challenge to implement a system that allows field employees to generate accurate and quick quotations on-site, taking into account factors like materials, labor, and equipment. The client requested a personalized email template featuring their company's name and logo.

Since we are open to customization, the client asked to develop a solution that enables field employees to create comprehensive job cards that include detailed descriptions, images, and notes related to each task they perform.

The team has encountered an issue with image rotation within job cards, where images are captured at improper angles, leading to distortions in the job card.

Another hurdle was to create a seamless integration with QuickBooks that is vital for financial management. The challenge is to integrate the field service system with QuickBooks to automate invoicing, expense tracking, and financial reporting.


The client chose EyeOnTask field service software to streamline their company's business operations. Our team offered the customization, capability, reliability, and necessary 24/7 support. Furthermore, we offered seamless integration with QuickBooks to make the invoicing process uncomplicated.


EyeOnTask field service software has increased efficiency and improved service throughout Water & Drainage Services scheduling, field service and invoicing/billing operations. Now they receive payment 3x faster than usual.

They had a record 25% increase in productivity in field operations after using EyeOnTask field service software.

Water & Drainage Services used EyeOnTask and brought noteworthy enhancements in the business operations, driving positive outcomes across various aspects

Optimized Field Worker’s Productivity

EyeOnTask introduced real-time location tracking for field employees, fostering greater accountability among the workforce. This resulted in improved efficiency and a higher rate of timely job completion. Knowing the exact location of field workers allowed for better resource allocation and task assignment, ultimately optimizing workforce productivity.

Before choosing EyeOnTask field service software they used to maintain complicated excel sheets for maintaining office records. After selecting the field service software, everything is automated starting from attendance, to calculating exact working hours.

Minimized Travel Time of Field Employees

The software's efficient scheduling and routing capabilities led to a significant reduction in travel time for field employees. By identifying the most optimal routes for service calls, the client not only saved time but also reduced fuel costs. This not only contributed to a more eco-friendly approach but also enhanced overall cost-effectiveness, boosting the company's bottom line.

Accurate Payroll Management by Automating the Process

Time tracking and attendance features facilitated precise and error-free payroll calculations. This not only saved the company valuable time but also minimized payroll disputes and inaccuracies. Employees were compensated fairly and promptly, further improving job satisfaction and morale.

Simplified Quotation Generation

EyeOnTask software streamlined the process of generating on-field quotations. Field employees could quickly and accurately produce quotes, enabling the client to secure new projects more efficiently. This newfound agility in providing cost estimates positioned the Water & Drainage Services as a more responsive and competitive service provider in the market.

Digital Job Cards, emphasizing efficiency and modernization

Water & Drainage Services used digital job cards that included images and detailed task information. This innovation greatly enhanced communication between backoffice and the end client. This not only improved customer service but also facilitated more transparent and accountable operations. Distorted/unaligned image issue is solved by implementing a rotating images feature trailed especially for the client.


“I am very happy to be using your app only because of the support I have been given. Without your support I would have given up in the trial period.
Easy for the fieldworks to use after a small amount of inhouse training. Enjoy having all the info for 1 job in 1 place instead of looking for info in all different apps. The sales/support team is amazing. They help with any problem you may have and nothing is to much trouble for them at any time of the day (even with the time differences) Any adjustment in the app I have requested they have done to accommodate our needs(allowing us to edit completion notes) Integration with QB's was the main reason I choose EOT other the other products I was looking at.”


June G.
Finance & Admin
Water & Drainage Services LLC, SA

EyeOnTask's comprehensive solution helped our South African plumbing and drainage clients overcome their operational challenges. By implementing location tracking, time tracking, attendance tracking, and other features, the client achieved increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved customer service, ultimately positioning them for continued success in their competitive industry.